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Heat Sleep Pad -BLACKCAN
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Heat Sleep Pad -BLACKCAN

Blackcan (Save The Alpinist)

Anytime, Anywhere
Blackcan can be used anytime, anywhere with portable butane gas.
It is convenient, easy to carry, and requires no electric power supply.


  • Size & weight
  • Blackcan : Ø118mm x 246,, (H) - 1140g
  • Hot water cirulation air cushion mat : 183cm x 51 cm x 2.7cm -1200g
  • Fuel : Butane gas (EN417 Dome screw valve type can)
  • Fuel consumption : Approximately 28g/h
  • Recommended outside temperature : -15°C ~ 15°C (5°F ~ 60°F)
  • The adjustable range of the Air Mat temperature : 25°C~ 45°C (77°F~113°F)

How to use BLACKCAN

  1. Connect fuel cartridge to BLACKCAN
  2. Open lid and fill reservoir with water or BLACKCAN fluid
  3. Open lid and fill reservoir with water or BLACKCAN fluid
  4. Turn on the main valve.
  5. Set the temperature by lever.
  6. Wait just a few minutes for the mat to become warm
  1. BLACKCAN (Single unit heater)
  2. How water circulation air cushion mat
  3. Tripod
  4. ERV (option)

Features & Benefits

  • Flame cannot be seen from a distance of more than 2m.
  • Extremely low noise level (less than 30dB from 1m away)
  • Hot water heating and circulation fueled only by portable butane gas (No power and no pump), only use an international standard butane gas cartridge (EN417).
  • It has high energy efficiency. One gs cartiridge of 230g lasts at least 8 hours.
  • An automatic temperature control device is installed.
  • This camping heat mat can be used for sleeping outside in extream cold.

Heated water circulates throughout the mat installed inside a sleeping bag.
This heat camping mat can be used for sleeping outdoors in extreme cold.

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